PTHC 2012 HDV 0259 7yo Demetri102 60 [TOP] 🔵

PTHC 2012 HDV 0259 7yo Demetri102 60 [TOP] 🔵


PTHC 2012 HDV 0259 7yo Demetri102 60

Which lead to the question which I need
What is the length of a given PDF file?
which I search for a function or command in Ubuntu which can return the length of the PDF file?


You can use
file -la my-pdf-file.pdf

The output is a list of the total file size and of the file size (in human readable form).
If you would like to get a detailed breakdown then you can use for example
file -d -bs my-pdf-file.pdf

And if you have in mind just one file
file -b my-pdf-file.pdf


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